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Sakine Çil was born in Trabzon in 1956. In 1980 she graduated in Ceramics Department from the Decorative Fine Art Faculty of the State Academy of Fine Arts (D.G.S.A). She received her proficiency in art degree (equivalent to a PhD ) from the Social Sciences Institute of Marmara University in the Ceramics Department with her thesis “ The Relationship Between 20th Century Ceramics&Painting" Since 1986 she has taken part in group exhibitions and has had three solo exhibitions. The Project “She/He is an Istanbulite-O bir İstanbullu” was realized by Sakine Çil as a part of Positionings program of the 9th International Istanbul Biennial. Simultaneously with the 10th Istanbul Biennial, she undertook a project named “re-tribute in retrospect-iade-i itibar” about the Istanbul Drapers and Yard Goods Center (İ.M.Ç).Her Project “She/He is an Istanbulite-O bir İstanbullu” was accepted as the 17th portable art project amongst Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Visual Arts projects.She participated in the 5th International EskişehirTerracotta Symposium as a guest artist. Sakine Çil is a member of the International Association of Plastic Arts and the Turkish Ceramics Association,She has written various articles and has held conferences on the art of ceramics.Sakine Çil has been working as a ceramics instructor in the Department at Fine Arts of Boğaziçi University since 1985.

2007 ‘’ the wall’’ ,Gallery Apel ,İstanbul
1987 Akbank Art Gallery, Bebek, Istanbul
1986 Exhibition Hall of Bogazici University Library

2017 "cup",Gallery Apel,İstanbul
2017 "harbour",Gallery Apel,İstanbul

2016 "are we human?",Açık Çağrı,3.İstanbul Tasarım Bienali,Galata Özel Rum
İlköğretim Okulu,İstanbul

2016 Contemporary Artists from Turkey,İmago Mundi Luciano Benetton Collection,

2016 "balcony",Gallery Apel,İstanbul

2015 "mines and ores",Gallery Apel,İstanbul

2015 "new day",Gallery Apel,İstanbul

2014 "an ad break",Gallery Apel,İstanbul

2013 "apel 15",Gallery Apel,İstanbul

2013 "clothing",Gallery Apel,İstanbul

2010 İstanbul 2010 European Capital Of Culture,Visual Arts-Portable Art Project,
“She/He is an Istanbulite”
2010 “culture-physique”, Gallery Apel, İstanbul
2008 “je m’apelle apel”, Tütün Deposu, İstanbul

2007 “Turkish Ceramic Arts”, Tophane-i Amire, İstanbul
2007 Simultaneous Project With The 10th International İstanbul Biennial, İstanbul
Drapers’ And Yard Goods Center (İ.M.Ç)., Re-Tribute in Retrospect

2005 She/He is an İstanbulite, 9th International İstanbul Biennial, Biennial’s
Positionings Project
2005 “wedding – party – all together”, Gallery Apel, İstanbul
2005 “curtain”, Gallery Apel, İstanbul
2004 İSTArtNBUL, Lütfü Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı(ICEC), İstanbul
2004 A Bridge from the West to the East, e-mail exhibitions, Karlsruhe
2003 moment, memory, remember, UPSD members the choice of photographs, UPSD, Istanbul
2003 “bağ3-poet’s garden” Gallery Apel, İstanbul
2002 “Personal Traces 5”,Atatürk Cultural Centre ( A.K.M.), Istanbul
2001 “Clay and Fibre”, Gallery Apel, Istanbul
2000 “art-kart 2000”, Gallery Apel, Istanbul
2000 Seramitek- TUYAP, Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
1999 “Street”, Gallery Apel, Istanbul
1999 Seramitek- TUYAP, Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
1997 Austrian Culture Office, Yeniköy, Istanbul
1996 “Ceramic Bowl”, Mimar Sinan University, Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Istanbul
1995 “Group Ceramics Exhibition From 70s Till Present Day”, Destek Reasürans Art Gallery, Istanbul
1992 Canakkale Ceramics Art Gallery, Istanbul
1988 Exhibition Hall of Bogazici University Library, Istanbul

2017- 1985 Teaches as an instructor of ceramics in the Department of Fine Arts in Bogazici University. Also works as a free restorer.

1989 Worked as an invited artist in application of inner decorations of Islamic Center in Chicago, USA

1983- 1981 Worked as a restorer in the restoration of Ihlamur Pavilion by the Turkish National Assembly, National Palaces Department
"newroz - yeni gün - nevruz"
"perde" "curtain"
"sokak" "la strada"
"bağ; şairin bahçesi" "bağ; poets garden"
"toprak ve lif 2002" "earth and fiber 2002"
sakine çil "duvar" "the wall"
"kültür fizik" "culture physique"
"apel 15"
"bir reklam arası","an ad break"
Newroz – Yeni Gün– Nevruz (New Day)
'' maden- cevher ''
''balkon'' // ''balcony''
Komşu III